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Whitening gel trays how long

With older teeth whitening techniques, individuals must purchase an over the counter whitening package which consists of a generic teeth tray and bleaching gel. The best bit is that you're in charge so can whiten gradually until you're happy. Worn for 4 hours, or overnight, this gel is designed for patients who would prefer to not have their custom trays in during the day and would prefer to whiten whilst they are asleep. When applying the whitening gel to your trays the gel should appear thick and viscous. This gel releases oxygen free radicals (which whiten the teeth) over a longer period of time, due to its sustained release. According to Teeth Whitening Product Reviews, it takes 14 days to complete the whitening program at both 20- and 30-percent PF. Extending treatment times is at user discretion based on tolerance to gel. These trays carry the whitening gel, which comes in two main variants: 10% and 15%. You can also keep the gel and tooth tray in a refrigerator, but ensure you don’t keep it in a freezer since it can get spoiled. Home whitening kits are the best IMO, the trays which are made from impressions taken by your dentist put the right amount of gel in the right place without risking chemical burns, it's predictable with good long term results and very easy to "top up" if needed. 17/04/2017 · Whitening Factor. The shelf life of dental whitening gel is 2 years refrigerated and 1 year un-refrigerated. If you are concerned about whether your bleach has expired please contact us the Smiles Centre. From there, one must keep up with the tedious daily applications of wearing the trays with whitening gel for up to 8 hours per day for up to 14 consecutive days. Does whitening gel expire? In most cases, bleach can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 12 months. However, at 35-percent PF, you must wear a mouth tray for one hour a day, as opposed to up to eight hours at 20-percent PF. 18% Carbamide Peroxide) – The strongest EU accepted whitening gel can be used at home by the patient in a custom fabricated tray for 30-90 minutes at a time. . One tray at a time is left in place for 20-30 minutes. Teeth whitening gels are one of the most popular whitening methods in the industry and typically are produced in different strengths… 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (equivalent to approx. All this means is that the 15% trays are stronger, and spend less time attached to your teeth. How long to leave whitening gel on teeth. At room temperature, they can be stored …After shaping the trays for upper and lower teeth, the whitening gel is applied to an individual tray and placed and over upper or lower teeth. See basic illustration below. After you use the gel, make sure you keep it in a cool, dry place so that it is away from direct sunlight. Opalescence Go is a whitening system consisting of whitening trays. If you are whitening for the first time, then use it for 30 …The main thing to remember is that the best whitening gel must be perfectly safe to use but still, provide amazing results

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