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Tax revenue in 2018

16/08/2018 · Considering the entire tax code and focusing specifically on this tax year shows that total revenue has declined between 4 and 9 percent. 7 %. The United Kingdom ranked 20th out of 36 OECD countries in terms of the tax-to-GDP ratio in 2018. 0. United Kingdom (UK) total HMRC tax receipts from fiscal year 2000/01 to fiscal year 2017/2018 (in billion GBP) In the most recent fiscal year of 2017/18 the value of tax receipts amounted to 594. 5% compared with the OECD average of 34. Revenue Statistics 2018 Data on government sector receipts, and on taxes in particular, are basic inputs to most structural economic descriptions and economic analyses and are …France: revenue form the solidarity tax on wealth 2012-2018 Income tax as a percentage of government revenue in China 2000-2017 Annual growth rate of corporate income tax revenue in China 2011-2018Tax collections from U. CSV XML EXCEL. 14 Showing entries 1 to 13 (18 entries in total) PreviousNext To download the statistic, please switch to the chart view . In 2018, tax revenue (including social contributions) in the EU-28 stood at 40. Data. 3 billion British pounds. S. Tax revenue (% of GDP) from The World Bank: Data. 8% in 2018 and also reduced the tax wedge on labour income via reductions to income tax rates and increases in the …The Global Revenue Statistics Database provides detailed comparable tax revenue data for African, Asian and Pacific, Latin American and the Caribbean and OECD countries from 1990 onwards. Show more Created with Highcharts 5. 3 % of GDP, and accounted for 89. Whereas individual income tax revenue has risen by 7. corporation income taxes fell by $88 billion as a direct result of the tax reform, but overall, the U. 9 percent in the first ten months of fiscal year 2018 compared to the first ten months of fiscal year 2017, corporate tax revenue has fallen by over 28 percent. 3%. 29/10/2019 · Tax revenue-to-GDP ratio: France, Belgium and Denmark show the highest ratios. 9% in 2017 to 25. The ratio of tax revenue to GDP in the euro area (EA-19) was higher than in the EU-28, at 41. This page in: English; 1972 - 2018 Tax revenue (current LCU) Other taxes (% of revenue) Taxes on international trade (current LCU) Taxes on income, profits and capital gains (% of revenue) Taxes on goods and services (current LCU) Download. government collected some $5 billion more in taxes in 2018 than it did in 2017 because of the way its other major sources of revenue from its taxes increased to offset this reduction. In 2018, the United Kingdom had a tax-to-GDP ratio of 33. 4 % of total government revenue. lowered the corporate tax rate from 38. . The database provides the largest source of comparable tax revenue data, which are produced in partnership with participating countries and regional partners

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