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Nacho cheese kanye west
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Nacho cheese kanye west

In January, he debuted a new song[3] presumably titled “We’ll Discover a Means” and final month, he introduced the efficiency collection to Coachella[4], the place he debuted one other new music referred to as “Water[5]. And it all kinda made sense. in the remix with kanye. [Verse 1 - Kanye West] Lollipop, lollipop, breasts is just like Dolly Parton She ride my spaceship 'til she hit the top That hit the spot, 'til she ask how many Li-il-li-il-licks do it take, til she get to shop Don't worry why my wrist got so freeze Tell a girl like Doritos that's not your (nacho) cheese Tell her friends like Frito's I'm tryin [Verse 1 - Kanye West] Lollipop, lollipop Breasts is just like Dolly Parton She ride my spaceship 'til she hit the top That hit the spot, 'til she ask "How many li-i-li-i-licks do it take 'til she get to shop?" Don't worry why my wrists got so freeze? Tell her, "Girl, like Doritos, that's nacho cheese"Lollipop (Remix feat. Decent theme setup in my eyes Doritos, Nacho Cheese, Fritos, Lay, and the "You can't just eat one" line all cleverly wrapped up in a snack theme. Everything in bold is on the snack theme. …14/08/2008 · ok so in lil waynes song lollipop. Kanye West) Lil' Wayne; Ow, uh huh no homo (Young mula baby) I say he so sweet make her wanna' lick the rapper So I let her lick the rapper Sh, sh, she lick me like a lollipop She, she lick me like a lollipop, lollipop Sh, sh, she lick me like a lollipop, lollipop She, she lick me 'ike a lollipop Shawty wanna' thug, bottles in the club Shawty wanna' hump, you know I'd Kanye West[1] has been internet hosting his “Sunday Service[2]” efficiency collection for the previous couple of months now. he says this: Dont worry why my wrist got so freeze Tell a girl like Doritos thats not yo (Nacho) cheese Tell her friends like Fritos im trying to lay I can only have one and i aint aint tryin to wait what the hell does he mean???? thnxKanye West - Lollipop Remix (Letras y canción para escuchar) - [Intro - Lil Wayne / No homo / I say he's so sweet, make her wanna lick the wrapper / / [Verse 1 - Kanye West …. Kanye west lyrics accurate, but if you find any mistake in lollipop (remix) tell ya girl like doritos thats not yo nacho cheese; tell her friends like fritos im trying to lay; i can only have one aint i aint tryin to wait; this a song with wayne so you know its go melt; but you aint finna murder me like everybody else;05/06/2019 · Occurred on May 29, 2019 / Holton, Kansas, USA Info from Licensor: "So I was at a scrap yard looking for a tire and I spotted a can of nacho cheese sauce on the ground and thought it was amusing so I took a picture …Author: ViralHog, LLCViews: 2Lil Wayne - Lollipop remix ft Kanye West : hiphopheadshttps://www. com//comments/2689e5/lil_wayne_lollipop_remix_ft_kanye_westIt's actually really dope. He telling the girl she ain't getting his money. . reddit. He also telling the girl that he wants to fuck. ”14/12/2015 · Jay Z and Kanye West are used to getting everything and anything they ask for though, so they've fine-tuned how to go about getting the good stuff

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